Thursday, 16 January 2014

Closing of London Posting Address

Due to the large influx of parcels we are unable to accept any parcels at our London address at this time. Manchester and Cardiff are still open to accept donations.

Friday, 8 November 2013

New London posting address and the Shoebox Campaign 2013

We've been quiet on the updating side here but its been business as usual at GAMU towers.

I'm thrilled to say we are open for posting again in London town.

All parcels for Give and Makeup can now be sent to:

Give and Makeup
2-4 Lambton Place
Notting Hill
W11 2SH

Huge thanks to the landlady Susie for giving us the space to get going again - especially in time for the Shoebox Campaign.

We are asking once again, for shoeboxes containing gifts suitable for children aged from newborn to mid-teens.

They can have anything - pyjamas, clothing, books, crayons, colouring books, suitable dvd's (they will be checked anyway), toys, sweets, chocolate, magazines - pretty much anything that you know a child will appreciate.

Please, please, spread the word and give what you can. I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it is to see these children in the shelters with absolutely nothing. Yes, they are of course safe from harm, warm and fed - which are the most important things - but surely at this time of year we can do more for them?

Please do not send any of the following:

No war related items - guns, knives etc
Nothing of a political or religious nature (books)

Our regional collections in Manchester and Cardiff will also be accepting the boxes.

And once again, if you are a business/private individual based in Scotland or Ireland and are interested in helping out, please get in touch.

Thanks everyone!

Friday, 5 July 2013

London drop-off/posting address closing

Unfortunately due to the large influx of parcels we have had to shut down the collection point in Central London. The parcels were taking up far too much space and it's not conducive to a working office environment. So we've outgrown my house, my storage unit and now a large office space! Your support has been - and continues to be overwhelming (literally!).

Please send any parcels to the alternative addresses on the 'Where to Send' page. We will continue to try and source somewhere suitable for London.

In the meantime Give and Makeup has to say the biggest THANK YOU to Clare Forde and her team (especially Natalie) for their months of schlepping parcels/post bags up and down numerous flights of stairs and basically taking care of everything. I cannot thank you enough Ladies. You rock.