Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Christmas Drive - Shoebox Campaign

As Christmas approaches we thought we would try and get as much as possible to the women and children in Refuge. 

For the next two weeks we are asking you to fill a shoebox and send it to us at the address below.  They can be filled with anything from the usual list but in particular we are looking for things for the children:

Toys, books, puzzles, colouring pencils and pads, soft toys, pyjamas...anything that will fit into a shoebox.

image courtesy of Charles Schulz Estate
I know our focus has been on skincare, essentials and makeup but at this time of year we really want to try and make life a little brighter for the children affected.

Please send your shoeboxes to:

Give and Makeup
c/o Dinos Barbers
16 Jerdan Place

If your donation box is larger please email me for a separate address - Dinos is a local business to us that is fully supportive of the cause but their space is limited!

Thank you seems inadequate as an acknowledgement of the support we have received so far - we appreciate your support beyond words.

Friday, 5 November 2010

A Thank You from Refuge....and some sobering statistics.....

This week we received a Thank You card from Refuge - I wanted to share it with you - I think it speaks for itself.

'Thank You very much for your kind donation.  Items such as these are invaluable and have brought a lot of joy for the women who use our services.

The scale of domestic violence in the UK is staggering: one woman in four will experience it at some point in her lifetime and two women are killed by a current or ex-partner every week.

Refuge saves lives, helping over 1000 women and children every day to escape violence and build a safe and positive future.

It is donations such as yours which make it possible and help make a difference to the lives of women and children who use our services.

Thank you once again.'

Thank you for your donations - please, please, keep them coming.