Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Major new supporters...

Two of the biggest beauty online retailers in the UK have all come together and agreed to be drop-off points for us around the country.


Manchester - Beauty Bay is you first port of call.

Brighton/Hove - look fantastic have stepped up for you.

It is unprecedented for huge companies such as these to come together in this way and I cannot thank them enough for their support.  See our 'Where to send/drop off' page for further details on each drop off.

There are also further details for those wanting to post parcels.

To other brands/P.R.'s/mail order companies who may be reading - can you help? Do you have space for people to drop off their goods to you whilst we organise collection via Womens Aid and Refuge?

Are you a brand that has stock that is near expiration? Do you have a lot of returns that are not suitable for resale but are too good to send to landfill?

We'll take it. We need it.

And major hair companies - do you have any at-home hair dye kits that we can take and use to help these women disguise their appearance? They're not just concerned about the grey! We want to help keep them safe.

If you are in the industry and know people that can help with any of the above please pass the message on...these women and children need help staying safe, feeling loved and ultimately getting back on their feet.

Please do what you can.