Monday, 11 July 2011

Help is at hand!

As usual, we may be quiet but we're working away behind the scenes!

This last month I was taken to see the kinds of projects that your donations are supporting. It was a day of high emotion for me personally as although it was amazing to see your donations being put to excellent use - I found myself getting angrier and angrier at the way these women and children were treated by their partners/fathers forcing them in to a life of hiding.

I am obviously very limited in what I can disclose so suffice to say that these families are incredibly grateful for anything we send. Please keep your help coming.

In slightly brighter news:

We have official help in Scotland now! If you are North of the English border and are interested in helping out/posting donations in your own area - please email us here.

I have updated the What we Need page as we are asked a lot about these particular items.

Thank you everyone!

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