Sunday, 27 November 2011

Shoebox Campaign 2011

Those of you that have supported us from the beginning will remember the Shoebox Campaign from last year. It was so successful it makes sense to do it again.

Its very simple. We are taking in shoebox-sized boxes or smaller filled with gifts for the children in Refuge.

Last year we had everything from colouring pens/sets, pencils, paper and colouring pads, Thomas Tank trains, dolls, basically anything fun and safe for the children.

We also had new pyjamas which were so well received I really want to push for more this year. They don't have to be fancy - just new, fresh - and if not new - nearly new.

80% of domestic violence incidents happen in front of the children.

This is not about material gain - it is about making children feel special and like someone somewhere cares for them enough to take time out to do this for them.

We are collecting until Friday 16th December across the usual donation channels. As always - anything you can give is much appreciated.

Thank you.

*I know it seems obvious but please do not send any toy replica weapons such as knives or play guns