Friday, 27 January 2012

Some thank you's and a new permanent postal address!

Some great news for a Friday afternoon!

Huge support from corporate bodies recently - Avon have 80 - EIGHTY boxes of product to get to us - we just need to figure out how to manage it...! Thank you!

Percy & Reed have joined us as permanent supporter and their first donations have literally just been collected and are on their way to Refuge as I type. Thank you!

One of our challenges since we started has been the lack of a permanent posting address in Central London. We had previously been using my home address which I was understandably, reluctant to publish on the site - leading to delays for you, our lovely supporters, who not only had to take the time to email us for the address and then wait for me to respond etc but also meant that our house has looked like we just moved home for the last 15 months!

We have simply (albeit for wonderful reasons) reached the tipping point for parcels collection and so the wonderful Clare Forde, who also does our PR - for nothing - has offered to take over and let us use her office as a posting address.

So for those of you who have your average sized parcel/package - the new address for postal packages is over on the 'Where to Send' page.
We still have separate addresses for Manchester/Northwest, Wales and Scotland - so please do use those for your area to save you money in postage!

As always, if you have larger donations - anything over 10kg - please email us first to ensure that we can take your delivery in.

Please under no circumstances, drop anything off to any of our addresses without prior arrangement.
All of our posting/drop off addresses are businesses who are doing us a huge favour and I would hate to inconvenience/hinder them - at all.

Give and Makeup could not function without the help of our volunteers - all amazing people who donate huge amounts of their time and energies to make sure we function smoothly.

So - Clare Forde, Jennie Patterson (Scotland), Ailsa and the team at Beauty Bay (Manchester) and Louise, Rakesh and the team at (Wales) - THANK YOU.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year! And some thank you's....

Happy New Year everyone!

Your donations and support over the festive period have ensured that women and children in shelters nationwide received a little help during what can be an especially trying time.

The children's Shoebox Campaign was a success for the second year running - and a huge thank you to Rebecca and her team at Epitome Beauty in Bushey Heath for going above and beyond for the second year running. Rebecca and her team forego a team Secret Santa and instead all make a shoebox for children - complete with wrapping and decoration! Thank you so much Ladies - your support is amazing.

Give And Make Up Scotland has been busy gathering lots of support and large donations all of which made it directly to shelters all across Scotland, in time for Christmas.

A special thank you for the multiple boxes of donations from  Allan Gordon, Managing Director of independent chemist chain “Davidsons Chemists” who have branches across the North East of Scotland.

Thank you also to Sheila Macfarlane, owner of “Sheila Macfarlane Pharmacies” in Broughty Ferry and Dundee for her generous contributions.

Another thank you to Llara and the team at Schuh in Livingstone for their huge amount of donations!

A heartfelt thank you to Elizabeth, Diana and June of Broughty Ferry, Dundee who have supported this cause with enthusiasm and dedication and spread the word about Give and Makeup.

Finally thank you to everyone who has emailed for details of where to make donations and what to send. Your interest and support is amazing and hugely appreciated.

We are looking forward to another successful year - we couldn't do it without you - thank you again for all that you have done.